You were

You wereYou were not mistaken, having read about a school maturity .

Though your child not a fruit in clear for you sense of a word, but it, as the fruit, should ripen to sustain school loadings, its world ruled also instructions, the world vaniye, postulates, its training programs, the ny relations between the child and children, teachers and the child and even between it and you.

For this purpose your child should ripen but, to master a new way rather new style to it lives.

And in six years it is already possible.

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Studying Is useless to go against requirements of the Soul; working with them, it is possible to receive the surprising results as which illustration the following history will serve.

To me Terry came to consultation, the young man of years.

Studying in the last class of high school, he ceased to visit occupations in spite of the fact that it needed to make and show only in a class the carriedout homeworks.

Mother called it lazy, indifferent and weak.

She was an alcoholic in a stage of remission and refused to take part in Terri's consultation.

I asked the boy What is the time you provide a family together His eyes under long hair extended from mistrust.

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Measuring Carefully observe a dosage.

Measuring the necessary dose, do it with all possible accuracy.

The majority of drugs for children register on teaspoon.

When you measure medicine, it is better to use a spoon with a marking or a measuring medical pipette.

One teaspoon contains cm ml substances.

On sale always there is a lot of medical ware, measuring adaptations and spoons.

The druggist will help you to choose the most suitable for children.

Use various adaptations timers, hours, etc.

, kotory in each h will remind you that time of the next drug intake came.

Forgetfulness the most widespread mistake and the reason of that at the child does not arise necessary reaction to the appointed preparation.

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Use at first

Use at first Freeze.

Then take out such cookies from a deep freeze and store in a tight bag refrigerator.

When the child will grow from the frozen cubes and cookies, hrathreads I peep in jars from under baby food, in formochka zhelirovanny products or in disposable plastic containers.

Be careful and do not fill glass jars to the edges as the food when freezing extends.

Make the list and mark, when also you froze what food.

Use at first that food which was prepared earlier, and for they be later terms of preparation notice, exactly so do in all supermarkets.

The food prepared house can be stored in the freezing chamber till months.

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When attachment

When attachment More often this barrier the traits of character of the parent pushing away from the child and forcing young a nik to adhere at communication with the parent is defined ache, as on a lead, a distance.

The child usually expresses the dissatisfaction black color or at least one gloomy dab.

Look on a sunok of the teenage girl fig.

Here black color of trousers about the zhayemy father testifies to excitements of the child of that the father began to take alcoholic drinks.

When attachment of the child is mutual, it is happy, pleasure Guy's dost of all tops.

When the love of the child is meek, it is not decaying source of mental discomfort of the young artist.

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